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MySmileGuide works for
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Product Vendors

Companies and vendors providing solutions and services for the healthcare sector can benefit from partnering with My SmileGuide. We provide product vendors with the following enhanced target marketing and brand penetration opportunities:


  • Age and gender-specific Oral Health Risk Assessment Questionnaires connecting caregivers, parents, and individuals.
  • Oral Health Reports providing evidenced-based health counseling specific to the caregiver (of infirmed), parent (of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children), or individual (adolescents, adults, and seniors). The Reports are stored in a secure, electronic Personal Health Folder.
  • Access to Tools, a library of health topics for caregivers, parents, and other individuals. Tools presents an array of informative, printable fact sheets to support daily oral health practices.
  • Age-specific email alerts contact caregivers, parents, and individuals to reassess their oral health on My SmileGuide based on their last assessment outcome and encourage preventive dental visits.
  • A Snack Contract helps parents and children control harmful snacking habits.
  • The Dental Visit Checklist educates consumers about their dental visits.
  • The program generates surveys specific to your needs and helps support your long-term marketing goals.