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About MySmileGuide
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Insurance Providers | End User Testimonials

"We at EmblemHealth acknowledge the increasing connection between oral and general health. As oral health is significantly sensitive to healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices, I am confident that optimizing oral health can benefit overall health and ultimately reduce healthcare costs. We feel that My SmileGuide will be a valuable tool for our members to improve their health and wellness."

Joan M. Waldron, D.D.S., M.P.A.
Managing Director, Dental Management


"We strongly believe that oral health is an untapped resource to promote general health, quality of life and reduce the burden of healthcare costs for our industry. As oral health is predominately about awareness and daily habits, it provides the means and information to bring consumers, providers and payers to work together. My SmileGuide provides the opportunity for this partnership."

Sharon Zelkind, Vice President
Healthplex, Inc., April 2009



What do our users think of My SmileGuide? 


  • Almost 75% feel their insurance carrier should provide My SmileGuide to its membership.
  • Almost 75% feel their employer should provide My SmileGuide as part of its wellness program.
  • Although 40% of caregivers felt strongly that they were providing good oral care for their child before reading My SmileGuide, almost 60% felt that they more confident of their child-care after reading My SmileGuide.  
  • Users of My SmileGuide demonstrate positive confidence in knowledge and self-care.
  • Users of My SmileGuide demonstrate positive attitudes to seek preventive visits and dental care.