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About MySmileGuide

MySmileGuide.com was created by Dr. Fred S. Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson is a board certified pediatric dentist and professor of pediatric dentistry at Stony Brook University with over 30 years of patient care, research, community service and professional education experience.

Starting in 1999, Dr. Ferguson began promoting oral health through innovative programs and online solutions. He envisioned that oral health promotion could provide significant benefit to the healthcare industry and approached HMO and insurance companies to discuss their oral health promotion strategies. He found these companies lacked awareness and direction about the value of oral health to their overall health goals.

As these groups provided a "pipeline" to consumers and health professionals, he envisioned the potential to develop a business strategy to promote general health through oral health by developing business relationships within the healthcare industry. He developed MySmileGuide.com to demonstrate the value of oral health promotion to business, organizations and society.